Stellarfix HD

Dear Everyone,

For a long time I have been a make-up artist and hair stylist for bridals.
I have always loved working with brides since I get to listen to their love stories, get to know a lot people especially wedding suppliers and overall it’s just a positive work environment for me. I think this is something that I will do long term but, I would like to fulfill one of my greatest dreams and that is to own my own cosmetic line for makeup artists.

Stellarfix logo
I feel like I am more comfortable managing or being an entrepreneur which is why I am already making plans to open my own brand Stellarfix HD. I will focus on the primary things which is: HD Foundation, Primer, HD Loose Powders and High Quality Eyelashes.

I feel like these are make-up artist staples. If you are a make-up artist, I would like to know, what would you wish cosmetic brands made for make-up artists would have? I want to be able to give more without sacrificing a make-up artist’s budget. I know how hard it is to budget.

So please comment down below and I’ll talk to yall soon.


Charmaine D.

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